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Do not forget the mask...

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Venice carnival 14 february- 24 february 2009.
Hotel rooms: Ca' Maria Adele, Ai due principi, Charming House IQS.
More info hotels here.

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37 comentarios:

Shen-Shen dijo...

I really adore the bird-shaped one.

Cafe Fashionista dijo...

J'adore the peacock mask. I'm obsessed with peacock feathers at the moment.

Sol dijo...

MK's picture is amazing. Is that Jessica Alba on the top left? Whoever it is...she looks beautiful.

tanya dijo...

oh i love masks--especially that peacock one on the top. So much fun!

LoveMore dijo...

WOW all the masks! gush!

i love them. i saved a whole heap the other day infact to do a similar post..but alas you beat me to the punch! haha

you would have done it better anyhow.

thanks for comment! much love

xx LM

Gloria C. dijo...

I love masks, I wish I had an event to attend where I could wear my mask.

I really liked the sparrow mask the most.

Mona dijo...

Oh.. I WISH!
Nice pictures and those masks are to-die-for!

CapuccinoB. dijo...

Me encantan tus collages

Tina dijo...

so many beautiful masks! venice is an amazing place and what i imagine to be more amazing during carnival week! i actually went there about 4 years ago but missed the carnival just by a week! i bought a small mask (too small to wear as the big & beautiful ones are too expensive for my student budget), but it's still so pretty.

gorgeous post! xx

Pau dijo...

Nice and amazing blog.
Love Venice.

Choo dijo...

OMG!I love all that pictures!Xoxo

Qiwy dijo...

Sabes? veo Venecia más bonita a través de tu collage que cuando estuve, Preciosas fotos!


Fashion Moment dijo...

I LOVE this post!


estil124 dijo...

Guapísimo el post!! Encuentro super sensuales estas máscaras y los disfraces en general de venecia super femeninos y mágicos.


Xris Falagil dijo...

carnaval!! me encantaría poder ir a vivirlo tanto a Brasil como a Canarias!! más que a Venecia, me gusta más el baile!


Doublecloth dijo...

Me voy a comprar una máscara para esconderme del mundo y brillar ;)

Un beso

Blicious dijo...

gorgeous pics!!!

jaleh dijo...

amazing post! i love masks so much. i know they're not really practical for everyday but they add so much to outfits, i wish they were more common ;p

CHIC Sensibility... dijo...

Great post. The pics are wonderful. I love it.
Stay chic,

textile Voltaire dijo...

Carnaval y Venecia...que bonito!
Y las mascaras son preciosas.


stellawantstodie dijo...

estuve en los carnavales de venecia hace unos años, y la verdad es q es increible!

Nemerae dijo...

Q preciosidad de collage!!! me encanta Venecia, he ido ya dos veces pero quiero ir otra en Carnavales, tienen q ser una pasada.. una maravilla esas máscaras, la q más me gusta es la de plumas de pavo real :)

closeup dijo...

amazing collage!!

Brook and Lyn dijo...

I've never been to a mask ball..but should be really fun.

B. dijo...

Que gran post!!! Venecia es una de las ciudades mas bellas del mundo! con que programa haces los collages??

chocandcinnamon dijo...

I love masks, they are so enigmatic and chic at the same time.

Couture Carrie dijo...

Fantastic collage! You always find the most beautifully stunning images, darling!


Imi Loa dijo...

amazing! I love your collages. and your blog! <3

Imi Loa dijo...

I love your collages and blog! amazing girlll

Carla dijo...

ooohh these are gorgeous. I once did a reportage of Venice at Carnevale it was beautiful but so hard to move around it was so crowded. Absolutely gorgeous pics. Thanks Carla

Kat dijo...

awww, beautiful, now i wanna go to venice :)

i.d. dijo...

I LOVE this post! Masks conjure up visions of romantic gowns and fancy balls. :)

die tägliche revolution dijo...

thank you!!! you are so sweet- and i would have to same the same about your blog... i'm definitely following!

have a fabulous weekend, darling! :D

take care,


agnes dijo...

Where's my invitation card to the masquerade?? lol

life . style . dissected dijo...

ahh venice, so mysterious & sexy.

i need to get back there v. soon.
i adore masks. in fact, i would love to start a collection.

happy, happy weekend.

♥ fashion chalet dijo...

Masks are my favorite subject!! =]


Frank & Rémy dijo...

SO pissed that i'll miss this years venedig festival :(!


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